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Residential Design

JulieO Design creates warm, chic, inviting interiors for homeowners in Southern Oregon, California and Arizona. From concept to completion, Julie takes care of her clients every step of the way. Drawing on the unique artistry of each client's life experiences, she offers creative solutions to design challenges and creates beautiful spaces that feel like home.

Commercial Design

Styling & Staging


Exceptional corporate and commercial buildings utilize physical space strategically to achieve organizational goals on the road to success. JulieO Design creates professional environments that inspire collaboration and promote employee health, as well as commercial designs that attracts tenants ideally suited for occupancy. We collaborate with the region's top building professionals to create functional, beautiful commercial designs that help your business thrive.

JulieO Design offers custom styling and staging services for residential and small commercial properties. Our careful attention to detail and ability to match client preferences with high-quality artistry will help your real estate attract buyers with ease. From furniture design and selection to color consultation and lighting, JulieO Design will make your home the beautiful space it was meant to be. 

Don't wait until your project is underwayto collaborate with JulieO Design. Julie O'Dwyer's extensive experience in both architecture and design make her uniquely suited to help with your remodel from concept to execution. Her longstanding relationships with the region's top building professionals provide Julie with a wealth of experience and exceptional ability to carry out your vision with the artistry and beauty you desire.

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